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Cannabis Consulting, Investment Beratung, Raum- und Sicherheitskonzepte,Buisinesspläne. Wir bieten mehr.


Gardinova has been dealing with industrial and CBD hemp and its cultivation and processing methods since 2015.
Specialized in the breeding of new, law-compliant industrial genetics, great relationships have been established over a long period of time. Thanks to the close cooperation with our friends, partners, farmers and supporters around half the globe, we can now offer a wide range of products and services for the cannabis industry and our loyal end customers.

This also includes things such as industry-oriented consulting, business plans, the creation of individual security and space concepts for the cannabis industry, through to investment advice. From untreated and refined seeds, organic fertilizers and natural insecticides (currently in the approval process of the FOAG) to the end products made from hemp such as oils, extracts, e-liquids or unique varieties / genetics.

Everything from a single source with an overview from breeding to the finished product.
Quality is always very important to us. We attach great importance to maintaining the quality in all production steps up to and including the end product and of course complying with the respective local guidelines and standards. We are particularly proud that we are allowed to deliver cannabis and seeds to botanical gardens, universities and other institutions. Thanks to a lot of tailwind from our business partners and our satisfied customers, we are still growing. We thank you for this & promise that we will continue to actively support the sensible use of hemp and the interests of the end customer.



Cannabis offers a unique flood of options for existing and new markets. Countless products, services and the like have already been used traditionally to boost the tax revenue of the state, the cantons and the municipalities. A large part of an entire generation could benefit from cannabis in the short term with the right regulation. This already without any new additional taxes. Cross-industry orders could generate record sales in already established industries. From the print shop to the local pastry shop, from the marketing company to the ventilation fitter.

So we represent the opinion & consider it our duty to create awareness among customers, producers and politicians to liberalize hemp with sensible rules. The economy and the end customer would only be able to benefit in the long term if these rules were drawn up from all sides. We think it is the wrong way to let just a few companies take over. Due to the increasing use of automation in production and harvesting, local unemployment would also hardly be served. For example, a private cultivation should be possible, which is normally taxed as income / additional income and / or at least allows it to be passed on to friends or social club members. This would ensure the quality as well as the diversity & guarantee the customer a wide range of degrees of effectiveness and tastes.
Large companies are already forced to prioritize factors such as yield and harvest time over more important properties of the cannabis plant. The tomato greenhouses around the Spanish village of Almeria can be compared here. Should cannabis end like this?
It would therefore also be necessary to keep the maximum operating area per company / grower in order to prevent a decline in price / quality and to guarantee diversity. Or would tax exemption even have to be approved for small numbers of lamps / cultivation area for private and small companies in order to guarantee all factors of liberalization (unemployment, AHV, administrative costs, protection of the quality and pioneering location Switzerland and the Swiss smallholders)? So a compromise? Share your opinion with us!


I thank you for your interest in our company and remain with best regards.














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