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Field Force CBD

PriceFrom CHF35.00

Field Force CBD

Regular CBD seeds


With our regular cannabis seeds we want to promote diversity in the CBD industry with new tastes and variations: We will publish many new creations in a timely manner and also make CBD accessible to private individuals as simply and cheaply as possible.


More dates soon online!

  • Limited offer:

    Send us your photos / laboratory analyzes and get 20% off your next purchase !!!

  • Note:

    With the order you confirm the following points:

    • Only to private individuals
    • Not allowed for cultivation on agricultural land under Swiss law.
    • In addition, no salable seeds / seeds for sale may be made from our seeds, since legal values can be exceeded.
    • Seeds with too high values must be handed over to the authorities for disposal or destroyed immediately.
    • Gardinova declines all liability. Our seeds are tested and verified using the latest laboratory methods.


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