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Hanfsamen feminisieren mit FEMINISeed.

FEMINISeed 50ml.

CHF14.00 Regular Price
CHF12.00Sale Price

FEMINISeed from Gardinova


Feminize your Cannabis seeds!


Spray the plant well, approx. 2-3 times a day, from the last 5 days of the growth phase. Repeat every 2 days for about 14 days.
Treatment time depends on the plant size and variety.

After a while, the treated, female plant begins to produce male pollen bags. With the pollen obtained from it, you can now pollinate your selected, female plant.

Since the basic genetics with this procedure are purely female, the seeds will only have female genes.


  • Can be used for sensitive plants with dist. Water can be diluted.
  • Shelf life at least 3 months.
  • PH: 7.47
  • 50ml.
  • STS on request
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